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Heavy duty antique brass vintage pieces from my collection which I weave with leather onto solid brass hardware. All are constructed by me. Ever the magpie I collect and add these beauties to my bags, my keys and my neck chains.

They are unique pieces and whilst some of the old designs double up, they are never identical. They have been used to decorate hoses as far back as the Roman times and in fact many were used as apotropiac talismans to ward off the evil eye in agricultural settings, protecting both horses, the livestock and the harvest. Pixies, witches and demons would all turn tail immediately. They were also used as offerings to the earth in the hope of a bountiful harvest and given out as prizes or commemorative pieces. 

However used, or their original purpose, they were always decorative. For you the benefit will be to never lose your keys again, and perhaps the absence of pixies riding shotgun in your mind… ✌️ 

Materials: Brass and Leather     
Dimensions are approximate.   
L: 20 to 25cms including brass piece. Brass piece approx 6cms x  8cms