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Ninja is the big sister to Niña. The Ninja holds that much more for general use on those days when Niña is in danger of over stuffing! It also has the internal zippered pocket.  If you have your strap already you can just buy the Ninja to add to your collection. As with nearly all of my products you buy the straps separately. Don't forget the Hailstone Brass Bracelet to transform her into an elegant and generous in Clutch. I am all about options.

All the bags are fitted with detachable brass rings which can be polished to stay pale gold and shiny or left to fade into a dull brass can remove them to create a clutch or tie your favourite silk scarf onto the rings and use it instead of a strap.

It’s exactly the same as the Niña in every way but size; a full 9cms bigger.

Dimensions: 34cm x 29cm approx. Size varies a little due to the different leathers used. 
Outer Material: Leather

Inner Material: Canvas